In the US, home and small business electronic security – up to and including 24/7 security operations center monitoring – is a $27 billion market. Yet only a few decades ago, virtually none of this protection existed.

Today, the cybersecurity industry is seeing enormous growth with a steady rise in data breaches. One important safeguard is 24/7 monitoring, delivered through what’s known as a Security Operations Center (SOC).

SOCs do not need to be overly cumbersome nor expensive. In fact, for small businesses, SOC oversight can mean one or two security experts looking out for things like network intrusion, malware and spam identification, or virtual private network management.


Why Choose a Security Operations Center For Your Small Business

The 3 key reasons for going the SOC route are:

  • Recognition that the cybersecurity landscape has radically changed – Contrary to the belief that only large companies are at risk, the majority of cybersecurity attacks are directed at small businesses. What’s more, 60 percent of those that are affected fail within six months.
  • Awareness that the legal landscape is changing too Not only are the types of cybersecurity crimes changing, but so are the penalties for non-compliance on data protection. Pretty soon, the government may fine businesses that don’t take cybercrime seriously. 
  • Improved response time In-house security monitoring can become a tedious task. With so many alerts popping up per day, it can be difficult for in-house IT to keep up. Professional 24/7 monitoring tools like artificial intelligence and automation can be used to their fullest extent. And, the faster a response time, the less likely a small business is to fail.    


The Ultimate Cybersecurity Safeguard

Regardless of the type of small business you manage – a law firm, a medical office, or an accounting firm – 24/7 monitoring could be the ultimate cybersecurity safeguard you’ve been looking for.

Think about it. Your business is likely already protected by one of the significant private electronic security companies. Going the SOC route is simply its digital equivalent.

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