Security Awareness Training95% of Security Incidents Are Caused by Lack of Staff Awareness!

Your employees, contractors, and vendors are divulging important confidential information to cyber criminals. Hackers prey on emotions by creating messages of fear or urgency that cause the victim to fall right into a well-planned trap.

Build Your Human Firewall

Cyber criminals will never stop inventing new ways to get their hands on the data or resources they desire. That’s why Sentribit works with your executives, employees, and contractors to employ training that emphasizes data security while helping your company navigate through the ever-changing waters of cybersecurity.

Our managed security awareness training includes:

Baseline testing Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each employee with an initial test of their capabilities. Our review centers on the user’s propensity to engage with compromised emails.

Comprehensive training and support – Access our robust library of cybersecurity training content, which includes interactive modules, videos, games, articles, and newsletters. 

Real-world simulations – Ensure your employees have proper exposure to the latest threats to your organization. Test users with phishing attacks, compromised USB drives, and social engineering.

Results-driven reporting – Review and download a detailed, in-depth analysis on each employee. Our reports are customized via our Learning Management System to provide you with insights on the progress of each user. 

Test, Then Train, Your Employees

90% of data breaches are linked to emails with compromising information.Phishing email attacks are on the rise. Cybersecurity experts attribute 91% of today’s data breaches to spear phishing emails. (Unlike traditional phishing emails that reach a mass audience in the hopes that they’ll acquire sensitive data such as usernames and passwords, spear phishing targets a specific user or group of users with a personalized message.)

That’s why phishing simulations are fully integrated with our security awareness program to ensure employees have proper exposure to the latest threats against your organization.

Try it for free! For 30 days, send a phishing test for up to 100 employees. Access thousands of pre-formatted email templates and discover what percentage of your employees are .