“Your system requires an important software updates.”

How many times have you read a statement like this? In fact, chances are, you have read versions of it more often than ever. That’s true for smartphones. It’s true for laptops and iPads. And, it’s definitely true for your small business.


Software Updates: Annoyance vs. Assistance

In the age of cloud-computing, software updates have advanced from annual or semi-annual events to an almost continuous stream of nonstop annoying… assistance. Right. Assistance.

They’re annoying chiefly because they force in-house or outsourced IT to be constantly on their toes, anticipating and implementing the latest changes across your business. Likewise, your staff must be prepared to adapt, too. (Security professionals recommend employees update their passwords every 30, 60, or 90 days.)


4 Reasons To Appreciate Those Pesky Software Updates

While it’s easy to malign annoying software updates and related security buffers, they are critical. Here’s why:

  • They eliminate security vulnerabilities – vulnerabilities that a hacker would love to capitalize on.
  • They address a specific and critical weakness – remember, updates or patches, aren’t written for fun. Closing that loophole in real-time means instant protection.
  • They improve your overall operating system – prone to fewer crashes and overall a more stable environment.
  • Automatic updates are increasingly the way to go – now there’s no excuse for keeping your software in tip-top condition.


Don’t be lazy. And. don’t be uninformed.

Perhaps the most mind-blowing (and sobering) stat underscoring software update importance is this: 60 percent of data security breaches occur in an instance where a patch was available. In other words, a potent mixture of ignorance and indolence is what’s driving more than half of all cybersecurity data breaches.

Don’t be lazy. And don’t be uninformed.

The alerts may be pesky. But they are by far and away the simplest – and most potent – tool we have in fighting hackers the world over.

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