June 28, 2018 (Mountainside, NJ) – For the cybersecurity industry – valued at more than $75 billion globally and forecast to grow to $170 billion in 2020 – there’s a pressing need to leave the work “to the experts.” That’s because data breaches are increasingly common, costing businesses more than $3.6 million per breach. And, only a group of dedicated team members with the best tools in place can handle the volume and magnitude to counteract today’s incoming threats instead overwhelming a smaller in-house team – provided the company in question even has such a department.

Recognizing the appetite that small and medium-sized businesses have for cybersecurity expertise, Sentribit recently launched a comprehensive suite of managed security solutions to combat potential threats from cyber criminals and State-sponsored hackers. Working with Sentribit, companies across the New York metropolitan area will be comforted by complete visibility, around-the-clock monitoring, timely prevention, and prompt remediation if and when an attack occurs.

Sentribit may be new to the growing cybersecurity market, but the team is no stranger to the IT world. The new company will draw their knowledge and expertise from their parent company, Kelly Communication Systems (KCS), an independent solutions provider of IT centered products and consulting services. For over 30 years, Kelly Communications Systems has been a leader in the IT space, serving Fortune 1000 companies and large enterprises with solutions that ensure business continuity.

“Learning from our experience with technology solutions that have enhanced and protected data centers and remote IT offices around the world, we are excited to be launching this new brand and assisting an underserved client base,” said Matt Kaveney, President of Kelly Communications Systems. “I’m fully confident that Sentribit will go a long way toward helping keep businesses of all sizes safe no matter the increasingly sophisticated cyber threats they face.”

Key to Sentribit’s offerings will be its Security Operations Management solution featuring a U.S.-based Security Operations Center (SOC). Fully staffed with experienced security analysts and engineers, the SOC will act as a 24/7/365 central command to support businesses with data security monitoring and on-call incident response. In addition, Sentribit’s Managed SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) software will monitor for potential risks, investigate anomalies in the client’s infrastructure and report any issues immediately with recommendations to contain and eliminate the threat.

Sentribit is also focused on Managed Security Awareness Training – a “must have” feature that every company in every industry should incorporate to their onboarding and continuing education programs. Too often, human error is the culprit of a major cyberattack. By planning a strategy around cybersecurity awareness, learning, and development, the team at Sentribit believes that instances of cyber-crime may become less frequent.

In addition to the aforementioned services, Sentribit’s full suite of managed solutions will include:

  • Backup and Recovery
  • Cybersecurity Program Development
  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Next Gen Antivirus
  • Regulatory Compliance Consulting
  • Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Unified Threat Management

“Too often, the need for such a third-party managed security provider becomes all too clear – only after a data breach has occurred,” Kaveney added. “And, in those instances, time is critical. Even larger companies sometimes lack the internal resources to handle a data breach of any magnitude. It’s also a costly endeavor to hire in-house professionals and build the tools to keep a watchful eye at all hours of the day and night. It’s what sets Sentribit apart.”

About Sentribit
Founded in 2018, Sentribit is a branded managed security solutions division of Kelly Communications Systems, Inc. Working out of their headquarters in Mountainside, NJ, Sentribit is focused on meeting the cybersecurity needs of businesses across the New York metropolitan area with solutions such as Security Operations Management, Cybersecurity Consulting, Penetration Testing, and Network Security Compliance Monitoring and Reporting. For more information, please visit https://www.sentribit.com.

About Kelly Communications Systems, Inc.
Headquartered 30 minutes from New York City in Mountainside, NJ, Kelly Communications Systems, Inc. (KCS) is an independent, full-service provider of data center, information technology and cyber security solutions. Founded in 1984, we work with Fortune 1000 and enterprise clients to design, develop, and transform their digital infrastructure. Our success is predicated on our consultative needs-based approach and world-class support, acting as a close ally of your organization’s IT management and security team. Our small, yet responsive team of consultants is what sets us apart from our competition and has earned us a strong reputation with long-standing clients for over 30 years. For more information, visit https://www.kelly.net or reach out to Matt.Kaveney(at)Kelly(dot)net.