As remote work becomes the norm, company executives and employees are finding difficulty with work-from-home cybersecurity. A recent survey noted that nearly half of employees working from home did not have the training or tools to safeguard critical data.

Here’s your chance to up your work-from-home cybersecurity game at home (and even in the office) with 6 surefire tips:

  1. Always lock your computer – Luckily, most work laptops lock on their own after a specific time. But, even if you are stepping away for a few moments, proactively lock your computer. You never want the chance of someone getting access to your laptop or tablet… or your cat stomping on the keyboard accidentally deleting information.
  2. Now, physically lock your computer – To be extra secure from rare cases of break-ins, shut your computer in a drawer or with a security cable lock when you leave your house. Also, avoid leaving your computer in your car.
  3. Enable antivirus software – Install reliable antivirus software on your computer, which will ward off viruses and notify you if your computer is corrupted.
  4. Get your own WIFI – If you live in an apartment with community WiFi, it is better and safer to use your own network.
  5. Passwords, backups, 2FA – Create a complex password, apply two-factor authentication, and back up your data to protect sensitive information.
  6. Don’t forget about mobile devices – Set up a way to manage and secure mobile devices and applications. As more employees use our personal smartphone for business applications, the need for securing various endpoints has never been more critical.

As we adapt, so must Sentribit with its work-from-home security bundle. Our three-fold approach of endpoint protection, email protection, and Office 365 security monitoring ensures that your employees are the most secure on the block! Get in touch with us at 908-232-2060 or via email at to discuss your work-from-home cybersecurity needs.